Soil and Greenhouse Gas Technician
Company: The University of Manitoba, Department of Soil Science
Job Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Availability: Summer
Apply Before: February 20th 2015
Description: Duties and responsibilities:
The student will be responsible for assisting graduate students and
Senior Technician in soil and plant sampling and conducting
greenhouse gas flux measurements. Laboratory duties include
preparation of gas storage vials, soil grinding and extraction, plant
grinding and plant threshing.

The Project
Project title: Development of Greenhouse Gas Neutral
Agricultural Systems
Project description:
The student is to work under the supervision of graduate students,
Senior Technicians and Research Associates to conduct soil and
plant sampling, and measurements of greenhouse gas fluxes. The
student will work on several projects all examining best
management practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CO2,
N2O, and CH4) from soil. The projects include fertilizer formulations
and placement of fertilizer to reduce emissions of N2O from
agricultural fields.
Researcher/Supervisor: Dr. Mario Tenuta
Faculty: Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
Dept/School: Soil Science

Required application materials:
- Resume
- Cover letter
- please include printout of latest transcript from web
- A statement indicating the school, program and year
that you are currently enrolled in.
References: 2 (reference contact information only)
Qualifications: Qualifications: (detailed)
desire and interest in learning is very important. As is ability to work
extremely well as a team. Following instructions is extremely
important because research is being conducted and protocols must
be followed exactly

Job dates: 2015-04-27 to 2015-08-31
earlier starting can be arranged
Hours per week: 35
Salary: according to program year and Faculty of
Agriculture pay schedule
Other info: Involves using laboratory vehicles to drive to
field sites. A lot of outdoor field work involved.
Compensation: TBD
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How to Apply: Email ( )