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Dr. L. James Shapiro, Associate Professor

Tel: (204) 474-7422
Fax: (204) 474-7599
Office: P309 Duff Roblin

College:BA Colgate University, 1962
Major:  Psychology
Graduate School:MA Texas Christian University, 1968
Ph.D. Texas Christian University, 1970

Major:  Early environmental experiences, Imprinting
Minor:  Comparative Psychology, Learning
Post-Doctoral Fellow:Bowling Green State University 10/69 - 9/71 Specialized in Ethology and Animal Behaviour Dr. J. P. Scott, sponsor.
Master's:Imprinting's critical period:  Critical or periodic?
Dissertation:The effect of various durations of enforced exposure to a stimulus object on the reversibility of the following response in white peking ducklings.

Avian Behaviour Laboratory

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